SimTutor Planning Tool

The fastest and easiest way to create branched simulation and scenario based eLearning.
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What is The Planning Tool?

The planning tool allows you to create storyboards for your training by mapping out complex branched scenarios for  learners.
SimTutor's platform is unique as it features a fully integrated planning and  authoring tool.
• Save time - use one integrated platform rather than two different tools
• Give stakeholders easy access to review the scenarios
• Branching can be driven off visual interactions, not just multi-choice quiz questions
• Making changes is easy - a change is one view is automatically updated in the other


Easy to Use

Whether you're starting with a free trial, or are already a SimTutor customer,  start using the Planning Tool for new learning modules, or for existing modules.
Watch a demo of the planning tool in action.
Demo link
 The drag and drop functionality is intuitive and easy to use. Switch between planning view and authoring view and better yet, when you make a change in one view, it automatically updates in the other view. No time wasted going back and forth.
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